Working on cutting edge projects over several years has established a comprehensive portfolio of analysis tools that we use to gain deep insights into technologies and Systems. Thus enabling answers to strategic questions like:

  • What is the most cost-effective way of meeting growing demand in central London?
  • Are small cells a reasonable investment?
  • How many sites do I need to provide a communications service on a specific rail network?
  • How valuable are my street furniture assets to wireless operators?
  • How well will my wireless algorithms work in real networks?
  • How valuable is my existing infrastructure to wireless operators?
  • How dense does densification need to be?

The portfolio of tools

These specialist tools enable investigations of radio network performance, techno-economic and business model aspects of wireless systems. Radio network performance evaluation and optimisation encompasses coverage, capacity, and co-existence and can utilise data from live networks. When combined with demand forecast tools we establish a basis for significant strategic insight.

When just considering the mobile network coverage capability we have tools that can be applied to the investigation of urban, suburban and rural areas, 2G, 3G and LTE coverage and network performance, radar and LTE interference assessment, antenna location, interference between indoor and outdoor systems, throughput variation within buildings, localised demand, and network dimensioning.

Tools that enable analysis of techno-economic aspects of networks simulate total cost of ownership over extended investment periods. The techno-economic model encompasses critical performance metrics of the radio network and significant architectural aspects of the digital platform. These tools are further extended with recognised models of viable revenue growth to enable the evaluation of business models.

Bespoke tools

In the face of rapidly changing technical standards, and the increased importance of wireless systems in enterprise and business to business value chains, the ability to adapt our tools and work with clients on bespoke models and simulations is essential.

Utilising our extensive library of algorithms and models we apply agile development techniques to work in partnership with clients; establishing new approaches to analysis with bespoke tools that will become part of our portfolio and thus we evolve our analysis capability and retain our position on the cutting edge of nascent wireless technologies and architectures.

Delivering competitive advantage

Real Wireless has the ability not just to consult, analyse and advise but also to build models that test theories and provide real-world answers. We think this is an extraordinary capability that can assist our clients in refining their competitive advantage. Few consultancies in the wireless space can offer this service and none, we believe, can match it.

News & Events

Real Wireless provides small cells expertise to London project

London May 2017 - Real Wireless experts have provided deployment advice and modelling to support a project to install 4G mobile small cells across the Square Mile. The initiative will lay the foundations for 5G deployment in London. Cornerstone Telecommunications...

700MHz: Formal confirmation of Europe’s plans

The EU decision on use of 470-790MHz has, it seems, been a long time coming. However now we have confirmation of Europe’s plans at the highest political levels. But has anything really changed? We would argue that this is, in effect, the culmination of something that...

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