Private Cellular Networks White Paper

Private cellular networks hold opportunities as well as challenges. Real Wireless held a free webinar to discuss the opportunities, challenges and future of private cellular networks for enterprise. The webinar recording and accompanying white paper are available on the link below.

Towercos and Neutral Hosts

Towercos have opened up to new products and services as mobile network operators divest their non-core assets – not only towers, but also enterprise data centres and small cells.

Ports and Logistics

Seaports are playing catch-up with the large transport and logistics players in exploring the benefits of smart connectivity. Real Wireless has been helping.

Meet our experts

Our team of experts includes engineers, physicists, economists, security advisors, experts in regulation and spectrum, business strategists and deployment specialists.

Our expertise

Every sector of government and industry will be affected by the growth of wireless telecommunications. But the evolution of wireless will bring changes in some areas that go beyond their immediate application to affect society as a whole. Here’s how.


Finding the way ahead

In complex wireless environments of road, rail and ports we are uniquely placed to help industry and users.


Specialist tools

Analytic tools to improve performance and ROI, that are adaptable, robust, tested and proven.


The best connected

How venue owners can get the greatest benefit from wireless technology and meet the demands of users.


Commercial property

Connectivity is the new utility. Is your commercial property ready?

Government & regulators

Evidence based impartial advice

on regulation, spectrum access, spectrum policy and spectrum auctions


Industry for the future

Bringing secure connectivity and communication to complex environments


Future networks

Assessing and resolving the real challenges and opportunities shaping 5G networks.



Working with towercos and neutral hosts to improve connectivity everywhere

Connected for business

An operator needs to frame spectrum strategy. A vendor needs to respond to user trends. A regulator needs to choose between technologies. A trade body needs to demonstrate the business case of the technology it promotes.
You need Real Wireless.

Connected for life

Wireless is a major challenge for any group – public or private – aiming to offer connectivity at specific sites, buildings or events. Users will want to be continuously connected and to view and upload video, use email, VPNs or social media – but that isn’t easy. And who will pay for it?

Latest report

Our reports offer insight and analysis relevant to all aspects of wireless, whether technical, economic or regulatory. They are read and referenced by planners, decision-makers and influencers in government, industry and the media. Find out why. Read our latest report.

About Real Wireless

Real Wireless is the world’s leading independent wireless advisory firm. In this short video, CEO Mark Keenan explains what to expect working with Real Wireless. He describes the wide range of expertise on offer, the values that underpin our service offering and how Real Wireless is resourced to address the challenges and opportunities of the 5G Era represents for wireless users and the wireless industry. Mark also explains the support on offer for business and enterprise at a time when connectivity has a role to play in almost every sector and service offering.

AutoAir project final report

Real Wireless is proud to be part of the AutoAir Consortium. The project explored the concept of the hyper-dense neutral host network where a number of easy-to-deploy small cells are installed in close proximity to the road or trackside. The key findings and business case analyses for both road and rail are also laid out.

AutoAir is one of the most ambitious and potentially significant projects in 5G development, enabling innovation in the UK’s transportation networks. Read more>

Our clients

News & Events

Making the case for 26 GHz

As some of you know, Real Wireless has had some excellent news in the past few days. The UK’s Spectrum Policy Forum (SPF) has awarded its 26 GHz research study contract to the Real Wireless team. This is an enormous vote of confidence in our abilities, in particular...

Hard Times, Smart Investments

The ongoing pandemic has been just one of the drivers for smarter, safer and more digitally integrated cities. But smart cities, like bricks and mortar cities, need foundations and investment. The enabling environment for smart city development is offered by...

Smart Cities Change Lives

It’s becoming a bit of a cliché to suggest that Covid-19 has created inflection points that will change behaviours forever. Nevertheless, right now the collection and analysis of huge volumes of data are accepted as key to bringing the spread of the virus under...

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Wireless World Research Forum
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Our awards


We are members of

Tech UK
Cambridge Wireless
Networld 2020
Telecom Intra Project
Wireless World Research Forum

Our awards

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BSI Assurance ISO

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