URLL – It may be a long time coming

You wouldn’t expect a conference focussing on ultra-reliable, low-latency techniques, technologies and requirements to be anything other than highly technical. And the recent URLL 2017 meeting in London didn’t disappoint. The air was heavy with acronyms, as engineers...

mmWave: behind the headlines

It may be some years from full rollout, but 5G is clearly close enough to inspire a few dramatic headlines. Take this one for instance over a recent Mobile Europe story: ‘UK telcos plead for stability in issuing mmWave bands’. The headline seems to rather neatly...

Network readiness, a core consideration?

At the recent 5G World Summit 2017, I chaired a fascinating session on 5G World Network Readiness. That session — in fact the summit in general — gave attendees many insights, but also even more questions to ponder. It’s true that the continuing evolution of 4G is...

5G is coming. And so are 5G use cases.

After attending both the 5G World Summit and EuCNC in Finland this month, I’ve seen that there are a proliferation of 5G use cases, driven by many different analysis objectives and motivations. As Real Wireless is engaged in the EC H2020 Research and Innovation...

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