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Connectivity is the new utility. Is your commercial property ready?

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In this short video Real Wireless COO Oliver Bosshard explains how our Communications Strategy for Enterprises can help landlords and commercial property companies to optimise the value of their assets by delivering appropriate levels of connectivity according to requirements and use case.


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Attracting and retaining tenants is obviously a key reason for installing a comprehensive communications infrastructure in today’s new builds. But that’s not all wireless can deliver. Real Wireless CEO Mark Keenan explains why every commercial property owner can benefit from independent advice about connectivity.

Connectivity is the new utility. Is your commercial property ready?

If you’re the owner or manager of a business park, waterfront development, office block, apartments, shopping mall or stadium you need reliable connectivity to attract and retain visitors, customers, tenants and companies – and to ensure support staff and emergency services stay connected. How do you select the appropriate comms infrastructure? And how can you future proof your investment?

Your investment, our expertise

Imagine your new commercial development is at the planning stage – or even that it’s already been built – but connectivity hasn’t been planned in. Suddenly you receive enquiries about cellular, Wi-Fi, two-way radio, emergency services radio – and possibly also satellite, DECT and Bluetooth beacons.

Suddenly you find partners, developers, clients or colleagues asking you questions like: What are the coverage and capacity needs of such an area? Can we deliver robust connectivity during a special event? What are the power requirements? What are the legal and regulatory issues? Who handles ongoing management, maintenance and upgrade? Will the present structures have a long lifetime? Is 5G planning required? What about wireless interference?

We can answer all these questions and supply the independent support you need. But we can do more than that. We work with the client to develop a wireless strategy, explain the technical options, produce high level designs, write the specifications, support with the tender process and help choosing the best solution from a technical, practical and commercial point of view. We are experienced in working client side to oversee the project, including review of detail design, inspecting the installation and attending acceptance testing to ensure your requirements are met. We can also provide in-life support to ensure your solution and systems are appropriately monitored, maintained and upgraded to remain leading edge. And we can make sure you get what you need at a price that is fair. So don’t worry about the questions — and leave the answers to us.

Our credentials – meet the experts

Our experts have no affiliation to any vendor, we’re technology agnostic and utterly committed to matching the right solution with your needs. We have deep understanding of connectivity technologies, architectures and deployment solutions, and are equally comfortable helping our clients to develop the business models that help maximise investments.

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