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In this short video, Real Wireless Government and Regulatory expert Mike Goddard explains how regulators and governments have benefited from informed and independent advice on matters that include spectrum policy, techno-economic analysis, new business models like neutral host, and the implications and impact of 5G for governments and society.

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Government and regulatory needs are changing as the wireless landscape changes. Spectrum needs, end user expectations and the transition to 5G are presenting a whole new set of challenges – most of which weren’t even thought about a few years ago. Real Wireless can provide the informed, independent, up-to-date expert knowledge to help regulators and government not only make decisions but do so quickly, fairly and effectively.

Today’s regulatory challenges require clear understanding of a changing wireless landscape and the ability to make quick decisions. We offer both.

How do you manage spectrum in a way that also manages the conflicting pressures from the groups that want to use it – from mobile to satellite and fixed wireless to broadcasting? How do you ensure that there is a competitive landscape that can benefit all end users? Are the deployment costs of a given wireless technology justifiable? Can a specific region’s needs be harmonised with international spectrum deployment plans?

Regulators – local, regional, national and international – are now required to answer all these questions and more – and the imminent arrival of 5G will not make answering them any easier.

Can existing spectrum at lower frequencies be made available for 5G? What should be done about mobile bands that have to support technologies that are still being used? Higher frequency spectrum may be the answer – or part of the answer – but which bands should be released or targeted to 5G and how should they be used? And – again – is an internationally harmonised solution possible?

And regulators can’t take years deciding. The slower the decision-making process the more delayed the time to market of technologies that could boost economic growth. But addressing 5G rollout means also addressing areas such as radio propagation, in-building penetration, reuse of spectrum and much more – a vast range of issues, requiring both technical knowledge and a global perspective.

Which is what Real Wireless can bring to government and regulatory bodies of all sizes as they work through the immediate wireless needs of their cities, countries or regions and the 5G needs of the very near future. Our experts can offer genuine insights into all technologies involved and all associated concerns – from infrastructure costs to deployment costs, from device availability to spectrum management, from international spectrum harmonisation to international regulatory mechanisms. And of course we already offer a strong understanding – technical, economic and, of course, regulatory – of 5G programmes through research activities that began when 5G was still on the drawing board.

Decisions have to be made – and Real Wireless can assist in making those decisions. We can offer the global perspective of experts that have contributed to international radio conferences and chaired high-level committees as well as experts who have planned, costed and rolled out real networks from the early days of cellular to 4G and the dawn of 5G. We know how mechanisms work – both technological and regulatory – and we know how to get results.

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Our experts have no affiliation to any vendor, we’re technology agnostic and utterly committed to matching the right solution with your needs. We have deep understanding of connectivity technologies, architectures and deployment solutions, and are equally comfortable helping our clients to develop the business models that help maximise investments.

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We are members of

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