Real Wireless has published an exclusive insight into the use of its modelling tools to calculate the costs of network densification for a European regulator.

Working on behalf of Austrian regulator, RTR, Real Wireless experts were asked to consider the network densification and cost-impact of coverage obligations in the 700MHz band for MNOs in Austria.

The brief was to take a number of potential throughput targets for population, roads and broad geographic coverage, and suggest what the cost would be to meet each of them.

For the first time, and with the permission of RTR, the project outline and approach has been made available to download. The project summary shows how Real Wireless used its unique, tried and tested tools – applying one of its own densification algorithms to show how cost evolves as an MNO densifies the existing network and increases consumer throughput.

Dr. Anastasios Karousos, Simulation Modelling Expert, Real Wireless said: “In the initial phase, we spent considerable time with RTR in order to understand their needs, discuss technical details, and agree the best approach to deliver optimal results. This close working relationship allowed us to tune our tools and modelling algorithms to meet their requirements. We discussed our outputs at each step of the project before moving to the next phase. This kept us synchronised and meant that there were no surprises. It was a challenging project – there was always something to learn – but this made it even more interesting.”

Oliver Bosshard, COO of Real Wireless added: “In the future, there will be more variety in spectrum, changing populations, geographic landscape and requirements or coverage obligations to be analysed – and of course, 5G is on the way. Ours is a proven approach to assessing the cost-impact of coverage obligations: it is technically advanced, flexible and has some of the most respected experts in the wireless telecommunications business behind it. It offers real value to regulators and reassurance to operators.”

The case study is available to download here. 

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