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24 NovTelecomTVUK government looks towards 5G for help in closing the productivity gap Our friends at Real Wireless produced an excellent analysis of these potential benefits
23 NovTotal TelecomUK govt wants to stop home-grown tech start-ups being acquired so easily  Login for full story
3 OctRailway StrategiesPerspectives on connectivity A new guide outlines what independent wireless advisory firm Real Wireless believes the rail industry needs to do to achieve effective on-board wireless connectivity (page 14)
3 OctRail ProfessionalTackling connectivity on trains John Okas of Realwireless, would advise against a quick-fix solution, and instead recommend that mobile and rail operators collaborate more closely on a mutually beneficial approach (page 113)
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€56bn to deploy 5G in Europe in 2020, but annual socio-economic benefits of €113bn The deployment of 5G technologies in Europe is expected to have benefits that extend far beyond the mobile industry, creating new jobs in different vertical industries as well as trickle-down effects amounting to €141.8 billion ($159 billion) annually by 2025.
A study carried out on behalf of the European Commission (EC) by InterDigital Europe, Real Wireless, Tech4i2 and Trinity College Dublin forecasts that total benefits from 5G deployment in Europe will reach €113.1 billion annually from 2025 — about five years after the first launches of the next-generation networks are expected.
8 AugWirelessHow to get reliable wireless coverage on trains The UK lags behind many Continental countries in deploying reliable wireless coverage on trains. Cobham Wireless and RFS invited a range of experts from Government, the rail industry and the telecoms industry to discuss ways to improve the situation
4 AugRCR WirelessAnalyst Angle: Convergence across verticals means new revenue opportunities for the wireless industry A report from the recent Cambridge Wireless Future of Wireless International Conference by Simon Fletcher, CTO of Real Wireless
 27 Jul Land Mobile FWIC: Tomorrow’s wireless world Simon Fletcher explained that this year’s FWIC is focused on the verticals that stand to benefit from 5G 
 26 JulTotal Telecom
First Communications brings 28-GHz fixed wireless to Ohio with CBNL  Licensed point-to-multipoint (PMP) avoids the spectrum congestion typical of PMP in lower frequencies and increases return on investment compared to licensed point-to-point (PTP). This was recently backed up by Real Wireless, who reported licensed PMP can enable a carrier to generate 1.8x higher ROI than PTP.
11 JulRCR Wireless
The evolving shape of last-mile wireless infrastructure in US cities Adoption has been driven by the fact licensed PMP can be faster to deploy and is up to half the cost for a high-capacity link compared to competing carrier-grade point-to-point technology. This was highlighted in a recent report by Real Wireless, which revealed that for the same investment over a five-year period, licensed PMP can enable an ISP to generate 1.8 times higher return on investment than PTP.
29 JunLand MobileThere’s Wi-Fi at the end of the tunnel Wi-Fi serves as a licence-exempt platform to engage with customers, doesn’t require an operator to connect, is ‘plug-and-play’, and is also “dirt cheap”, says Oliver Bosshard, managing consultant at Real Wireless. Bosshard says small cells would be a better choice in this scenario.
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Focus on consumers’ needs for IoT, telcos urged Operators and vendors need to develop a greater sense of consumers’ needs if the Internet of Things is to succeed, a conference has heard. Simon Fletcher, CTO at Real Wireless and Chair of the Future of Wireless International Conference, said: “From a vertical market perspective the pace of technology change in IoT and nascent 5G can be daunting. What is becoming more important is a change in thinking to focus more on the demand side and identifying where the IoT can make a real difference, rather than just a technology push.”
22 JunLand MobileBrexit: majority of technology professionals for remain Juniper research has revealed that 65% of the UK Technology professionals it surveyed believe “Brexit would have a negative impact on the tech industry”. Mike Goddard, international spectrum policy advisor of Real Wireless said in a blog post that while Brexit would allow the UK to take a different approach to spectrum decisions to the rest of the EU, he couldn’t think of any changes that should take place.
1 JunCBNLTotal cost of ownership and time to breakeven of last mile data transport for MNOs and ISPs An independent study from Real Wireless. Overall, we identify the key factors which dominate TCO and return on investment for MNOs and ISPs selecting transport technologies, and identify the scenarios where certain technologies are a better choice than others.
27 MayPolicyTrackerUncertainty about spectrum demands for transport services as experts contemplate next WRC
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16 MayTelecomTVEngaging with vertical markets for 5G planning Simon Fletcher, Chief Technology Officer, Real Wireless It is becoming increasingly important that the telecoms industry engages with the major vertical industries in order to fulfill the promise and potential of 5G. But there are many cross-industry standards implications, including how to develop a working “trust” between the verticals and telecoms operators and vendors? In Europe, the EU is running a number of technical programmes and proofs of concept to demonstrate 5G’s capabilities via the 5G-PPP initiative, and is now moving to investigate the socio-economic potential.
22 AprtechUKUK Spectrum Policy Forum Plenary Real Wireless presented on the Socioeconomic impacts of 5G in Europe
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CBNL unveils 39GHz millimetre wave licensed PMP small cell First deployments of CBNL’s VectaStar 39GHz solution opens up potential of millimetre wave to transform last mile capacity in every major US city. As spectrum becomes an increasingly scarce resource, CBNL’s new solution unlocks the huge potential of millimetre wave to offer a more efficient route to transform last mile throughput to multiple Gigabits per second (Gbps). A recent report from Real Wireless noted that for the same initial investment, licensed PMP can enable an ISP to connect 67% more customers and generate 1.8x higher ROI compared to PTP equivalents.
31 MarCambridge Wireless
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Future of Wireless International Conference strengthens vertical sector expertise with new speakers Leading authorities in vehicle automation and industrial IoT from Magna, Carillion and Fujitsu to speak at the London Tech Week conference on the 21st and 22nd of June The real value of a connected world lies in what it can offer customers and businesses in vertical industries,” said Simon Fletcher, CTO of Real Wireless, and chair of Future of Wireless International Conference Committee. “But the connected world will only reach its potential if experts from within these industries are actively involved in its development today. This conference will shed light on those existing players and new entrants who are leading efforts to harness wireless within each of the key vertical sectors.
23 MartechUKGigabit Train Workshop Providing wireless connectivity to users on trains is a challenge for both the mobile and rail industries and something that the general public is growing ever impatient to see improved. – See more at:
23 MarDisruptive ViewsTo future-proof the IoT network, critical decisions needed now The impending explosion in new machine-to-machine (M2M) services in every area of life will drive rapid adoption of technologies which are optimized for these activities. But there is a real risk that commercial urgency will outrun the development of the platforms. If organizations adopt Internet of Things (IoT) strategies before some fundamental decisions are made – about network architecture, security and how to harness the flood of data – they risk technology dead ends and disappointing business results.
15 MarLand MobileReal Wireless: Verticals ‘must do more’ to define 5G Oliver Bosshard, managing consultant at Real Wireless has expressed his concern for 5G after this year’s Mobile World Congress by stating that verticals must do more to define what 5G will mean for their enterprises.
22 FebLand MobileReal Wireless CTO reveals plans for European Commission report The CTO of Real Wireless, the independent research and analysis company, has revealed further details surrounding its work with the European Commission on future 5G scenarios after it launched a short primer on 18 February outlining the actions needed in 2016 for 5G and the IoT.
18 FebWirelessWhat’s keeping mobile network operators up at night? Addressing the key challenges facing the mobile industry, experts from EE, Telefonica Europe, CBNL, Small Cell Forum, Real Wireless and Strategy Analytics pointed to the need to densify networks to handle growing data traffic and of getting the most out of existing infrastructure, as well as preparing the way for 5G.
18 FebWireless Electronics news
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Whitepaper explores rural ‘not-spots’ in the 5G era The University of Surrey’s 5G Innovation Centre (5GIC) has published a whitepaper describing the capacity and coverage challenge for wireless networks in the coming decades. Collaborating with partners from BT, Telefonica, Real Wireless and EE, 5GIC researchers identified a need for 5G to tackle the challenge of universal mobile coverage that delivers the required speed and capacity for a range of applications, in a range of geographical areas.
20 JanRCR Wireless2016 Predictions: Wi-Fi-first mobile – the smart move for cable providers in 2016 Our research, in conjunction with Real Wireless, estimates Wi-Fi has the potential to save cable providers $3.8 billion in MVNO charges. There is also potentially $675 million in revenue from delivering additional services through Wi-Fi – better access to video services means better convergence of voice, mobile, broadband and video content, driving uptake of quad-play services and reducing churn.
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 New report from Real Wireless highlights PMP’s cost reduction potential for backhaul The latest findings from independent wireless experts Real Wireless have revealed that point-to-multipoint (PMP) last-mile solutions can reduce backhaul total cost of ownership (TCO) by as much as 50 per cent and generate nearly double the return on investment (ROI) for enterprise access. The study, which examines the cost and time to breakeven of last mile data transport in multiple deployment scenarios, looks at the TCO of installing and running backhaul networks based on a range of wired and wireless technologies. Analysis found that site-related costs dominate TCO, accounting for around half of a five year TCO. The report revealed PMP solutions offered up to 50 per cent TCO savings over point-to-point (PTP) and managed fibre, largely due the aggregation of multiple links to a single hub site.


23 DecLand MobileWireless for retailers: Surprises in store Imagine a world in which you are tracked – in real time – from the moment you enter a shop. That world isn’t here yet. But it may not be far off, according to consulting and technology giant Capgemini in its report All-Channel Experience:Engaging with Technology-Enabled Shoppers In-Store.Mark Keenan, CEO of independent wireless advisory firm Real Wireless, adds: “While the combination of location-based services and retailer apps can allow the retailer and customer to have a positive interaction this is in its infancy”. It’s one of a number of scenarios suggested in the recent Real Wireless paper Wireless and the omni-channel time bomb, which discusses wireless technology as an enabler for bricks and mortar retail
18 DecEE TimesGroups Welcome WRC-15 Spectrum Decisions Delegates at World Radiocommunications Conference (WRC-15) had a surprisingly high level of agreement around the fate of the 700MHz and sub-700 MHz bands. “The outcome was as satisfactory as we could have expected as regards more spectrum for mobile broadband, while keeping broadcasters satisfied. There was a lot of pressure on them not to yield,” Mike Goddard, International Spectrum Policy Adviser for consultancy Real Wireless told EE Times.
13 DecThe Times (Raconteur)Keep connected to stay ahead Connected retailers are reaping the benefits With improving mobile access and the impact of the internet of things, supply chain management specialists Manhattan Associates are charged with creating systems that will enable mass real-time transactions and communications which will revolutionise the retail market, for example. Ade Ajibulu of Real Wireless concedes the nature of the industry means some will have to blaze the trail.
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Simon Fletcher joins Real Wireless as CTO, moving from NEC Telecom Modus. Fletcher brings a network of contacts to Real Wireless alongside a proven ability to lead teams in delivering technical projects while identifying and meeting new strategic goals for the wider business. He is a regular speaker at industry events and currently acts as Chairman of the Cambridge Wireless Future of Wireless Conference Organising Committee and Small Cell SIG Champion.
06 NovLocal PTNEC junta indústrias e universidades da Europa para desenvolverem uma arquitetura de rede móvel multisserviços para a era 5G
03 NovWireless
Carrier-grade Wi-Fi is key for MSOs to beat the MNO challenge, says XCellAir XCellAir study shows that multi-system operators need to recreate the ‘at-home’ Wi-Fi experience outside the home if they are to retain customers and reduced dependence on costly MVNO arrangements; it could also allow them to take advantage of a $4.5bn opportunity in the US The analysis by Real Wireless and XCellAir is based on a study of 250 live Wi-Fi access points around its offices in Montreal, Canada, modelling common urban scenarios in which public Wi-Fi is in everyday use.
28 OctTelecom.comFive million reasons why Wi-Fi Assist might not be Apple’s finest idea Two US users feel aggrieved that the company failed to warn them that Wi-Fi Assist, available on iOS 9, ate into their data plans when they thought they were on a Wi-Fi network. To make this a reality, operators must tackle the lack of standards for Wi-Fi spectrum usage and address the lack of attention to detail over existing radio resource management. Unfortunately, as things stand, the clash between devices operating in unlicensed spectrum is massively damaging when it comes to spectrum efficiency. A recent study by XCellAir and Real Wireless revealed that on average, two whole channels worth of Wi-Fi bandwidth is completely unused at any given time, despite congestion and interference being experienced in the occupied channels.
12 OctWirelessThe case for harmonised and dedicated mobile broadband spectrum for critical comms users Public safety organisations and potentially other users of narrowband critical communications are expected to migrate to broadband technologies such as 4G LTE in the future. The question as to whether public safety organisations in particular should have their own dedicated spectrum, harmonised worldwide, or at least at a European level, is hotly debated.
05 OctRCR WirelessBehind the connected stadium Independent wireless consultancy Real Wireless calculated that popular boy band One Direction’s three-night gig at Wembley Stadium in London generated as many as 10 million tweets, messages and selfies inside the venue during the shows, creating a density of mobile traffic that was more than 100 times that of central London.
02 OctCambridge Wireless Engineering and Technology Magzine
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Long road ahead for safe, secure and private autonomous vehiclesWhile next generation connected and autonomous vehicles are being road tested daily, one of the biggest transformations in the history of the motor industry has still a long way to run if it is to deliver the safety, security and privacy we can trust, according to industry experts speaking at yesterday’s Cambridge Wireless (CW) event at the Transport Systems Catapult in Milton Keynes
30 SepThink Small CellWembley Stadium Tour: Deep inside EE’s largest DAS deployment Wembley Stadium in London is one of the UK’s most prestigious (and challenging) venues for wireless service. EE sponsor the site and operate the DAS system shared by other operators. Andy Sutton and Kin Wan gave me a full tour of their facility, sharing not just the technical specifications but also the reasoning behind their choices.
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Mobile operators stand to miss out on $18 billion (€16 billion) by failing to properly manage their Wi-Fi assets, a new study has claimed. According to a report by XCellAir and Real Wireless, operators are failing to optimise their Wi-Fi offering by neglecting spectrum management. This is posing a particular issue in dense urban areas, where interference between access points is resulting in a “sub-optimal” experience for users. Simon Saunders, Director of Technology at Real Wireless, said: “Carrier Wi-Fi technology is central to supporting most global 4G, and ultimately 5G, network architectures to deliver the best possible user experience. This is especially important in dense urban areas. “It is therefore critical that operators take action to ensure Wi-Fi does not become the weak link and prevent service differentiation.”
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Why the property industry should care about wireless connectivity Why is wireless important? Clearly, attracting and retaining tenants is a key reason for installing a comprehensive communications infrastructure, but that’s not all wireless can deliver. A building with wireless infrastructure delivers a wide range of benefits to its owner that go beyond keeping tenants happy, whether that’s enabling the latest smart building features or standing out compared to a competitive site, all of which can create a much stronger business case for investment.
09 SepMoney NewsAzcom Preps for 5G
26 AugRCR Wireless NewsConsequences of EC abolishing roaming charges – who pays? The European Commission recently announced that roaming charges and poor mobile Internet connections for European Union customers are set to become a thing of the past. While the change is great news for consumers, it does pose a number of challenges for network providers. The EU may be a common marketplace for goods and services, but we know from our modeling work at Real Wireless that the cost for providing network services in different EU countries varies greatly from one country to the next.
05 AugTelecom ReviewMobile Network Architecture for the 5G Era As part of the 5GPPP initiative, 5G NORMA (5G Novel Radio Multiservice adaptive network Architecture) will propose an end-to-end architecture that takes into consideration both Radio Access Network (RAN) and Core Network aspects. The consortium will be working over a period of 30 months, beginning in July 2015, to meet the key objectives of creating and disseminating innovative concepts on the mobile network architecture for the 5G era.
27 JulInternet TelephonyThe Wi-Fi Way: How This Unlicensed Wireless Technology Hit the Big Time – And What’s Next Wi-Fi seems to be everywhere these days. It’s in our homes, in our offices, in chains like Starbucks,  and even in many independently owned restaurants and shops. And from the looks of things Wi-Fi will only continue to expand and become more woven into our online experiences. “The capabilities of Wi-Fi have greatly extended in recent years to create a new generation of carrier-grade technology,” said Simon Saunders, , director of technology at Real Wireless. “This can match the credentials of wireline or mobile carrier-grade networks and deliver QoS that can support new revenue streams to fixed, mobile and cable operators.”
27 JulCommunications DailyEurope a Hive of 5G Activity, Though Many Don’t Know What the Technology IsInterview with Prof: Simon Saunders
17 JulLight ReadingAvago Looking to Acquire Marvell – Rumor A reputable source tells us that Avago Technologies Pte. is looking to make a bid for Marvell Technology Group Ltd. (Nasdaq: MRVL). Marvell is a direct competitor to Broadcom in several key market areas, including home networking and wide area networking equipment. Avago announced in May it was acquiring Broadcom for $37 billion. Real Wireless consult and UltraSoC CEO Rupert Baines hadn’t heard the rumor, but thought it may be too soon following its acquisition of Broadcom.
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NORMA 5G project signals end of ‘one size fits all’ If 5G is to deliver on any of its large promises, it will have to signal the end of ‘one size fits all’ for wireless networks. The latest in the long string of international 5G projects, launched by the European Union’s PPP (public-private partnership), has this firmly in its sights, which gives cause for optimism that it will deliver something useful. The initiative has one of the tongue-twisting names beloved of the EU – 5G Novel Radio Multiservice adaptive network Architecture – but at least this comes with a neat acronym, NORMA – although the lower case ‘adaptive’ sadly downplays the most important world in the title. A network that can adapt to many services and usage patterns, some of them as-yet undefined and even unforeseen, is the goal, and will be essential to 5G. The 5G PPP, launched in December 2013 to support and coordinate R&D efforts in this area across Europe, said in a statement: “Not following the ‘one system fits all services’ paradigm of current architectures, 5G NORMA will allow for adapting the mechanisms executed for a given service to the specific service requirements, resulting in a novel service and context-dependent adaptation of network functions.” If any proof is needed that a single-minded network is no longer relevant to modern needs, we only have to look at the way M2M applications were sidelined in the LTE process, with participants wholly obsessed with the rise in broadband usage. That has forced the 3GPP community to revisit M2M in order to apply cellular to the internet of things (IoT), hastily reviving dormant specifications like Category-1 and throwing together new low power specs for Release 13. There are 13 organizations involved in NORMA’s quest to avoid these pitfalls this time around, and to develop an end-to-end network architecture which can meet an extremely diverse and unpredictable range of requirements and use cases. The lead vendors are local giants Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent, plus NEC Europe, and the group includes three European operators – Deutsche Telekom, Orange and Vodafone. Other participants include UK consultancy Real Wireless, which will model the socioeconomic benefits of 5G for current, and potential future, users; as well as academic partners, the Kaiserslautern University of Technology in Germany, and the Carlos III University of Madrid.”5G NORMA will ensure economic sustainability of network operation and open opportunities for new players, while leveraging the efficiency of the architecture to do so in a cost and energy-efficient way,” said the group.
22 JunLand Mobile-OnlineReport examines the key costs in virtualising small cells The key costs in virtualising small cells in urban deployments has been explored in a report by Real Wireless. “One of the interesting things of our study was the cost of dark fibre has actually come down quite a lot recently,” explains Julie Bradford, managing consultant at Real Wireless

The key costs in virtualising small cells in urban deployments has been explored in a report by Real Wireless. – See more at:
19 JunVanilla PlusPolicy control and WiFi provision drive customer retention and positive customer experience Despite the predicted demise of WiFi with the adoption of LTE and its promise of “faster speeds and better experience”, we can all see that WiFi is as popular as ever
18 JunThink Small CellSCF Open Workshop on LAA/LTE-U/LWA
16 JunLight ReadingQualcomm Aims MuLTEfire at Unlicensed Bands “The biggest potential [for MuLTEfire] is about the venue owner,” said Professor Simon Saunders, co-founder and director of technology at consultancy firm Real Wireless, speaking at the Forum workshop. “LTE can be a technology like WiFi.”
11 JunWireless Mag – onlineEC initiates socioeconomic study into the wider benefits of 5G A new study into the socioeconomic impact of 5G in Europe commenced on 22 May, led by a group of industry experts and academics from Real Wireless, Tech4i2, InterDigital Europe and Trinity College Dublin
10 JunMobile Europe Nokia, European Commission begin new 5G work Nokia is to work with the University of Kaiserslautern in Germany to research the architectural requirements of 5G networks, as the European Commission announced a “landmark” study of the technology.
09 JunTelecom Lead
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Nex-Tech Wireless deploys Airvana OneCell to offer better LTE Nex-Tech Wireless has deployed Airvana OneCell Cloud RAN (C-RAN) small cell system in the 7,600-seat Gross Coliseum at Fort Hays State University (FHSU) in Hays, Kansas. Real Wireless recently said that Airvana OneCell can provide the same or better service as DAS for up to 71 percent lower cost.
03 JunWireless MagazineFirst report from UK Spectrum Policy Forum calls for cross-industry co-operation First in a series of reports looking at UK cross-industry spectrum requirements in the medium-long term emphasises the need for co-operation across many industries, Real Wireless research shows
26 MayNew ElectronicsOperators are turning to new technology to solve the rural ‘not-spot’ problem The operators suggest that, by using small cell options, they can offer rural communities a better service for about one third of the investment that would be needed were they to go down the route of adding a macrocell and having to provision in the cost and complexity of backhaul.This chimes with an assertion by consultancy Real Wireless, which noted in its 2015 ‘Manifesto’ that ‘small cells have reached a point where they are cost effective for MNOs to deploy them in the right context’.
22 MayInside 5GReal Wireless leads SME Wave into 5GIC The University of Surrey’s 5G Innovation Centre (5GIC) is opening its doors to small and medium-sized enterprises, and independent advisor Real Wireless has taken the opportunity to enter. The centre will be looking to benefit from Real Wireless’ advice on regulatory, technical and business challenges, which form the company’s main research areas.
14 MayTelecompaperInterDigital, partners to lead EC 5G research project InterDigital, a mobile research and development company, announced that InterDigital Europe, the company’s London-based 5G-focused research unit, has been chosen by the European Commission to conduct a 5G socio-economic research project. The research will directly inform the development and rollout of 5G in the EU, and empower the region to stake an early claim as a global 5G leader.
13 MayInternational Rail JournalUnlocking the benefits of wireless technologiesWith ever-increasing demand for onboard Wi-Fi and services to benefit operations, Professor Simon Saunders of Real Wireless, considers the next steps for wireless technologies in the rail industry.
12 MayFierce WirelessLG Uplus demonstrates faster LTE using LTE-U LG Uplus last week showed off its new LTE in Unlicensed spectrum (LTE-U) network, demonstrating its ability to transmit data at speeds up to 600 Mbps.
12 MayEE Times AsiaSpectrum battle: LTE vs Wi-Fi The Federal Communications Commission released a public notice last week requesting for information on LTE-Unlicensed (LTE-U) and Licensed Assisted Access (LAA), which the media took as a technical debate on the possibility of peaceful co-existence between two competing wireless technologies: LTE-U/LAA and Wi-Fi.
11 MayCabling Installation and MaintenanceStudy: Cloud RAN small cells reduce costs by 69% vs. DAS Airvana, a provider of small cell solutions, and Real Wireless, independent expert advisors in wireless technology, recently announced a study revealing that a Cloud RAN (or C-RAN) small cell solution can reduce costs by 69%, compared to traditional distributed antenna system (DAS) solutions.
11 MayLand Mobile – OnlineReal Wireless joins Future Communications & Positioning System Advisory Group Real Wireless, an advisor in wireless technology, strategy and regulation worldwide, has become a member of the cross rail-industry Future Communications & Positioning System Advisory Group (FC&PS AG), a sub-group of the Vehicle/Train Control and Communications System Interface Committee.
11 MayEE timesLTE-WiFi Debate Exposes Spectrum Land Grab Cellular operators don’t want WiFi to behave more like LTE
08 MayRCR WirelessHetnets: 4 elements of scalable architecture Wireless carriers have created heterogeneous networks to solve coverage and capacity problems in specific high-profile locations, but these solutions will be needed more broadly as demand for mobile data skyrockets
07 May RCR WirelessWhat is a small cell – 5 small cell use case 1. Home use (femtocells) 2. Urban outdoor deployments 3. Indoor enterprise deployments 4. High-capacity venues 5. Rural deployments
05 MayEuropean Commission 4-Traders – OnlineIdentification and quantification of key socio-economic data for the Strategic Planning of 5G introduction in Europe The European Commission has launched a study to identify key socio-economic data which will help in the planning for the introduction of 5G infrastructure in Europe. (SMART 2014/0008).
30 AprRail ProfessionalFly by wireless The industry must roll out wireless technology as soon as it feasibly can. Failure to do so in 2016 will cost operators their franchise, or cost them financially as they fail to recoup their investment.
29 AprRCR WirelessAnalyst Angle: 5G – on generations and legacy In the world of wireless, generations of technology come and go in what seems like the blink of an eye. As much as this rate of progress is wonderful, there are certain aspects of how quickly we change technology that are worrying.
27 AprSiliconIndia NewsStudy Finds Major Cost Advantages in New Enterprise LTE Wireless ApproachAirvana, provider of small cell solutions, and Real Wireless, independent expert advisors in wireless technology, today announced a study revealing that a Cloud RAN small cell solution can reduce costs by 69 percent, compared to traditional distributed antenna system (DAS) solutions.
 21 Apr Think Small CellReal Wireless and Airvana prove Enterprise Cloud RAN can cost less than DASLarge enterprises and venues have traditionally installed Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) for in-building cellular service. A new independent study commissioned by Airvana has determined that small cell systems offer a lower cost, even for multi-operator scenarios. We wanted to establish an independent view of the cost by taking a rigorous approach in comparing these two alternatives.
14 AprRCR Wireless NewsEye on the ball: Stadiums and service providers focus on livestreamers Simon Saunders of Real Wireless believes monitoring the networks might not be the most efficient approach. “It might be easier for them to simply monitor within the apps themselves,” he said. “These users will be broadcasting and easy to determine the user from the camera angle. Stadium security staff do that kind of thing routinely when dealing with troublemakers.”
10 Apr Light Reading5G: Just an Expensive New interface? 5G will be more subtle, strategic and complex than previous cellular technology generations in a myriad of ways. The “More of the same!” commentary misses the opportunity to make 5G genuinely interesting and worthwhile.
02 AprAirport WorldBlog: The business case for wireless technology For airport owners and authorities the term wireless tends to mean Wi-Fi and, more often than not, how they can install it in communal areas for passengers whilst they wait for flights or loved ones to arrive, writes Mark Keenan.
01 AprRail ProfessionalFly by wireless The industry must roll out wireless technology as soon as it feasibly can. Failure to do so in 2016 will cost operators their franchise, or cost them financially as they fail to recoup their investment, says Simon Saunders
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Study Finds Major Cost Advantages in New Enterprise LTE Wireless Approach Airvana, a leading provider of small cell solutions, and Real Wireless, independent expert advisors in wireless technology, today announced a study revealing that a Cloud RAN small cell solution can reduce costs by 69%, compared to traditional distributed antenna system (DAS) solutions. The Real Wireless study concluded that Cloud RAN (or C-RAN) Small Cells were less expensive in all scenarios considered, including multi-operator deployments where DAS has previously been considered superior to small cells. The study examined the use of C-RAN LTE small cells as an alternative to LTE DAS in both upgrades of existing DAS and in new “greenfield” DAS deployments. Both large and small building deployments were analyzed, and both active and passive DAS. The full white paper, exploring the analysis and results in detail, is available at:
27 MarITProHere’s what BT’s entry into mobile means for the market, Mobile-only operators are dead: are we headed towards consolidation? There’s been pretty major movement of the tectonic plates of both the mobile and the fixed markets for the UK, We’ve had substantial movement over the last couple of years, with first the consolidation of T-Mobile and Orange into EE, and then the spectrum auction, which substantially changed the position of the different players going into 4G.
27 MarMobile EuropeOpen discussion needed to solve spectrum squabbles, forum hears Marnick spoke as the Spectrum Policy Forum launched a new report on the usage and demand of spectrum in the United Kingdom.The report, based on independent research from Real Wireless, evaluated the spectrum needs of various industries “in relation to their social and economic value”, including mobile, business radio and the space sector. It is the first in a series of publications aimed at addressing cross-industry spectrum requirements in the medium to long term.
27 MarPolicy Tracker
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The UK Spectrum Policy Forum – The industry-led sounding board to Government and Ofcom, launches the first in a series of reports on UK Spectrum Usage and Demand. The work, led by Real Wireless with input from a panel of contributors, sets out the spectrum needs of different sectors in relation to their contributions to social and economic value. The report’s authors acknowledge that it reflects the sometimes contradictory priorities from different industries – and hopes it will open up discussion. You can download the report here
12 MarAGL Media Group Total TelecomSmall Cells are dead! Long Live Small Cells! The Small Cell Forum Release 5 was issued at the MWC show, covering rural and remote applications. There are more than 17,000 small cells deployed in a wide variety of use cases. Real Wireless sized the business opportunity to be worth $163 billion, addressing 650 million people.
05 MarTotal Telecom
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Devices could hold back use of MMW for 5G access In Barcelona Bluwan unveiled the results of a study it commissioned from Real Wireless that shows that using high spectrum bands for backhaul will become increasingly important as the number of carrier WiFi hotspots grows.
03 MarFierceWireless Wireless Mag
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MWC 2015: Small Cell Forum launches guidance for rural and remote deployment The Small Cell Forum commissioned independent experts Real Wireless to assess the business drivers for small cells in rural and remote environments. Real Wireless found that small cells could deliver affordable mobile broadband coverage to an extra 650 million users worldwide with GDP benefits close to $1 trillion or an estimated operator benefit of $163 billion.
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Carrier Wi-Fi Heading for Backhaul Bottleneck in 2019 A new study commissioned by Bluwan reveals the reliance that telecoms operators will be placing on carrier Wi-Fi technology to carry network traffic over the next five years. The independent study, undertaken by respected advisory firm Real Wireless, reveals that carrier Wi-Fi hotspots will make up more than 80 per cent of available access points – one public hotspot for every 20 people on the planet – but only if they can be backhauled effectively.
01 MarBright Side of the NewsMWC 2015: Airvana OneCell Enables Stronger Indoor LTE According to a study by Real Wireless, deployment of OneCell is 69% less expensive than a traditional DAS. Material savings from the passive infrastructure can reach 90%, while simplified cabling means labor savings of 75% to 90%.
24 FebReal Estate Investment SmartBriefMost cable providers see carrier-grade Wi-Fi in their future More than 8 in 10 cable operators plan to invest in carrier-grade Wi-Fi by 2016, up from about 14% in 2014, a Real Wireless survey indicates.
23 FebMultichannel.comCharting a Course to Carrier-Grade Wi-Fi A recent survey from Real Wireless for St. Louis-based billings and operations software vendor Amdocs found that carrier-grade WiFi will grow from 14% in 2014 to 85% by the end of 2016. Some 85% of operator respondents said they plan to invest in carrier-grade WiFi by that time.
20 FebInformed InfrastructureInternet of Things Poses Conundrum for Industry In the next decade it is predicted that ten times more ‘things’ than people will join the internet as everyday objects gain an online digital presence through the Internet of Things (IoT).
19 FebWireless-magIn-building coverage set for take-off There is now a good choice of in-building solutions to boost cellular coverage and capacity indoors. A Real Wireless study conducted on behalf of the Small Cells Forum in February 2013 showed that 39% of UK and 61% of US offices had poor in-building coverage, yet over 80% of total mobile data traffic is indoors.
17 FebLand MobileThe highway to a wireless future. When considering the business case for the roll-out of wireless connectivity on the roads, it is both harder and much less obvious than other forms of transport.
15 FebRailway Strategies – OnlineWireless on the Railways It’s not all about Wi-Fi, and it’s not all about passengers. The planning aspect is key, Real Wireless recently carried out a study and found that it was necessary to combine revenue from both passenger-facing services – ie on-board Wi-Fi – and operational benefits, if a rollout is to deliver a positive net value.
12 approves white space spectrum use after trial success. Ofcom has given the go-ahead for the use of white space spectrum in existing TV frequency bands to boost the available wireless networks in the UK. Simon Saunders told V3 that it is impressive that Ofcom has managed to find a way to create dynamic spectrum sharing. Commenting that the UK has developed its white space technology around different rules from those in the US, which could make it hard for firms to develop products that work in different markets.
09 FebLand MobileReal Wireless and Tech4i2 to create EU report Real Wireless and Tech4i2 are assessing all licence-exempt bands and equipment in the EU till 2030 in a study for the European Commission . The study will  help the Commissionin achieving its goal of ensuring there is sufficient licence-exempt spectrum for future wireless innovation across the EU.
02 FebThe RegisterOfcom can prise my telly spectrum from my COLD, DEAD… er, aerial The graph shows a series of projections of the forecast growth in data traffic for the UK. It’s based on figures from Real Wireless and PC Consulting . The medium demand figure from Real Wireless suggests that by 2030, mobile data will be delivering 80 times as much information as it did in 2012. That’s the figure usually used by Ofcom as their baseline for planning.
01 FebRCR Wireless – Web hosted newsletterStadium Wifi
21 JanRCR Wireless – Analyst AngleA manifesto for better DAS


16 DecRCR Wireless- Analyst AngleWill cognitive radio, dynamic spectrum access come of age in 5G?
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Investments on the Rise for Carrier-Grade WiFi WiFi hotspots globally will get a major boost over the next few years. According to new research sponsored by Amdocs Ltd. Fixed and mobile operators alike are pouring resources into WiFi hotspots with the goal of improving connectivity from best-effort status to carrier-grade. Real Wireless and Rethink Technology Research conducted the study for Amdocs.
05 DecRCR Wireless
Tech Investor News Real Estate Investment SmartBrief 4-Traders-Online Brasil Diario
EMEA: Amdocs quad-play and carrier-grade Wi-Fi Although carrier-grade Wi-Fi is expected to grow from 14% today to 72% in 2018 and almost all operators surveyed (85%) plan to do so by 2016, there are still concerns. Two-thirds of the respondents said a lack of network planning and management tools to support this technology was hindering their move forward as they would not only have to invest in the new Wi-Fi infrastructure, but also make changes to those tools.
05 DecRCR Mobile MinuteSmall cells evolve to support multiple carriers Airvana has developed a small cell system that it says can support multiple wireless operators. The company has produced cost-estimate research in partnership with Real Wireless, and claims that passive infrastructure costs and labor costs will be roughly 90% lower for operators installing its small system in place of a DAS.
04 DecRCR Wireless
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Carrier Wi-Fi deployments set to surge Carriers have lagged behind cable operators in Wi-Fi deployments, but now it looks like mobile operators are ready to catch up. Carrier-grade Wi-Fi hotspots are expected to grow from 14% of overall Wi-Fi hotspots today to 72% by 2018, according to research from Real Wireless and Rethink Technology commissioned by Amdocs. Eighty-five percent of the mobile operators surveyed plan to invest in carrier Wi-Fi by 2016.“Service providers are starting to see Wi-Fi as a strategically important offering that can enhance or damage their reputations and which needs to support a user experience comparable to that of cellular networks,” said Oliver Bosshard, managing consultant at Real Wireless.
03 DecLight ReadingInvestments on the Rise of Carrier-Grade WiFi Real Wireless and Rethink Technology Research conducted the study for Amdocs and found that carrier-grade connections are on track to jump from 14% of total WiFi hotspots in 2014 to 72% in 2018.
06 NovThink Small CellSmall Cell Business Case Serving the rural population – social conscience or business opportunity?
31 OctMobile EuropeIs Global Spectrum Policy running in harmony? Work is currently underway to harmonise the 700MHz spectrum band and 2015’s World Radiocommunications Conference (WRC) will be the key to deciding global auctions’ design.
31 OctRCR Wireless NewsSmall cells and cable Cable operators are on the ground in small-cell deployments, expanding their wholesale transport business with mobile network operators
30 OctGulf News – page 49Delegates hail new business opportunities We hope to find a new market for our company in Qatar. We want to expand and find new opportunities in the Middle East
20 OctFSMForget Wi-Fi support the team: the importance of wireless in stadiums The biggest challenge facing wireless in stadiums is no longer related to traditional mobile coverage.(This article was published in Football & Stadium magazine October/November and is reproduced by kind permission of The World’s Fair Ltd)
29 OctInformation AgeFull speed ahead: mapping the road to 5G ‘Mobility is growing faster than the networks can keep up, and in a sense this is a very good thing.’
23 OctWireless Mag
Land Mobile -Online
Transport Industry needs to upgrade wireless networks warns Real Wireless Current approaches to the provision of mobile connectivity to travellers on public and private risk failing to meet demand. Service demands will only be met through the rollout of additional custom mobile infrastructure.
20 OctFootball and Stadium Management – page 12Forget Wi-Fi, support the team: the importance of wireless in Stadiums The main challenge stadium owners face today is actually in supplying sufficient network capacity for all visitors to use data services as they expect – and in a cost effective manner
02 OctCambridge News OnlineSmall cell experts raise questions of standards, interoperability and performance While small cells have the potential to meet growing demand for mobile data and improve urban connectivity, they need to be automatically and smoothly incorporated into the existing macrocell network, raising questions of standards, interoperability and performance, according to industry experts at the Cambridge Wireless Small Cells Special Interest Group (SIG) conference.
03 SeptTeleSemanaReformando la economía de las redes móviles con la fusión de Wi-Fi y small cells
12 AugWireless Mag
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Real Wireless bolsters transport expertise with new consultant 15-year veteran Oliver Bosshard brings a variety of technical, practical and management skills particularly in DAS and transport solutions
05 AugIP&TV News Wireless Mag
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Real Wireless joins UK Spectrum Policy Forum as funding partner Real Wireless has joined the UK Spectrum Policy Forum as a funding partner. Acting as a sounding board for the Government and Ofcom, The Forum is at the centre of UK spectrum policy and closely aligned with the work Real Wireless carries out for many of its clients.
30 JulBusiness Cloud News Telecoms.comThe partnership between NEC and Meru Networks illustrates how wireless & enterprise are converging; Real Wireless comments on implications for businesses The US operation of Japanese equipment vendor NEC recently unveiled a partnership with intelligent wifi architecture specialist Meru Networks to collaborate on software defined network (SDN)-enabled unified wired and wireless enterprise access
21 JulCambridge WirelessRural coverage: How 1 Billion people stand to gain from properly selected wireless solutions At the Conference Real Wireless how technology developed to provide capacity in busy urban areas can be used in rural settings to provide coverage at a fraction of the current cost.
21 JulDeutschlandfunk5G Hunger nach Bandbreite
01 JulMobile World LiveSmall cells can make sense for rural coverageThe use of small cells to bring better mobile coverage to rural communities is commercially viable, according to Simon Saunders, director of technology at Real Wireless, a consultancy firm.
16 JunTelecoms.comInventing the future The inclusion of brand new technologies is still up for debate. Professor Simon Saunders, director of spectrum specialist Real Wireless, argues that we are long overdue radio innovations as 4G was not really a ‘new’ technology. “It was very much based on antenna developments as well as 3G and Wimax. It was really a decade-old technology when it came to commercialisation.
16 JunElectronics Weekly.comWireless industry has sustainable agendaDr Sally Uren, chief executive at Forum for the Future, will be calling on the wireless industry to play its part in creating a sustainable world, when she delivers her keynote address at the ‘Changing the World with Wireless Technology’ Conference in Cambridge. Prof Simon Saunders will also be speaking.
09 JunDaily Mail Kilburn Times Good Morning BritainOne Direction fans break UK Social Media record at Wembley Stadium With 19 million Twitter followers, five million followers on Instagram and over 30 million Facebook likes, the band’s fans are notoriously keen users of social media.Real Wireless calculated that their fans could send as many as 10,000,000 tweets during the three concerts, with the density of mobile traffic looking set to be over one hundred times that of central London.
29 MayChronicle live GOWEX Go Digital NewcastleUK first as free wi-fi rolled out in Newcastle and Gateshead GOWEX’s Chief Executive for North Europe, Philip Brown, attended the launch of the scheme at the Gateshead Millennium Bridge with Coun Forbes, Gateshead Council Leader Mick Henry and Mark Keenan of Real Wireless which helped decide which company the contract went to.
28 MayOFCOMConsultation on future use of the 700 MHz band – Cost-benefit analysis of changing its use to mobile services A report by Real Wireless.
12 MarTelecoms.comUK government to encourage spectrum sharing Ed Vaizey MP, UK minister for culture, communications and creative industries wrote in a report issued this week that the government wants the UK to become a global leader in driving better value from spectrum and aims to work with regulator Ofcom and with spectrum users to “adopt a holistic approach to managing spectrum”.
03 MarRCR Wireless: HetNet NewsWestell Technologies Inc. has acquired Cellular Specialties Inc. CSI develops in-building wireless systems including distributed antenna systems (DAS) and small cell connectivity.
02 MarBroadband Technology Report Mobile Europe
Light Reading Multichannel News CED Magazine WiRELESS
RCR Wireless Positioning Mag Wall Street Journal DMN Forum Telecomfinance Broadband Technology Report RCR Wireless
Untapped Business Opportunity for Multiple System Operators (MSOs) to Support Small Cell Rollouts, New Research Finds At Cable Congress 2014 today, Amdocs, the leading provider of customer experience systems and services, released new research that explores the challenges involved in deploying and managing small cell networks. According to a survey conducted in January by Real Wireless, the leading independent advisory firm on wireless strategy and small cells, 70 percent of MNOs surveyed plan to have significant small cell deployments by 2018.
27 FebRadio-Electronics.comMobile World Congress 2014: Main Themes Small cells would be the key to quick and easy roll-out of the 4G networks that are able to meet the data explosion that is already starting to happen
25 Feb Total TelecomSmall Cell Forum eyes urban deployments A study carried out by Real Wireless, claims that deploying urban small cells in an urban area of approximately 40 square kilometres yields a $48.6 million benefit to the operator.
24 FebElectronics Weekly.compCell hype or hope? We asked Rupert Baines CMO Real Wireless his opinion.
24 FebElectronics Weekly.comIs DIDO the answer? Everyone’s talking about pCell – the DIDO (distributed input distributed output) technology which looks like the answer to the wireless industry’s prayers.
12 FebComputerworldUK TelecomTV
Cellular News Smart Chimps
Total Telecom Telecom Lead EurActiv MLex Key4biz (Italian)
GSMA opposes US and European governments on mobile spectrum allocation The sharing of new mobile broadband wireless spectrum bands in the future among different operators will not generate enough cash for economies, according to a report commissioned by the mobile operators’ trade body.Mobile operators are more likely to get what they need from wholly-owned spectrum rather than shared spectrum.
12 FebWireless Mag RCRWireless
Fierce Wireless Electronics Techzone360 Wireless Design and Development Business Day E-Cts Nigeria Communications Week Pressebox Ciol OFweek
Mobile operators are facing a ‘perfect storm’ of challenges in 2014 Real Wireless, the independent consultancy is warning that carriers have yet to grasp the scale of technological and commercial challenges that will start to hit in 2014, with many completely lacking a strategy to cope, ranging from 5G to small cells, spectrum, backhaul, M2M and more. Others might argue all that is pretty much business as usual, though, in a business that has been facing maturation of its underlying revenue model for years.


28 NovThe Telegraph ITProPortal
Rethink Wireless TNW
Mobile and Wi-Fi overloaded by 2020, report claims, Real Wireless, who assisted in the auction of the 4G spectrum, warned that unless the UK’s mobile and Wi-Fi networks are upgraded by 2020, they will be unable to cope with increased usage.
11 NovRCR WirelessSpectrum auctions: looking to the UK to tackle the US conundrum RCR Wireless News recently spoke with Prof. Simon Saunders, director of technology at U.K.-based Real Wireless, about ways in which the FCC can set up rules that most benefit consumers, federal needs and wireless carriers.
13 NovLight ReadingHow to Turn Thin & Crispy 3G Into Deep Pan 4G Just as operators around the world are launching 4G, it is salutary to be reminded of how much work still needs to be done. Ten years on from the launch of 3G in the UK, regulator Ofcom announced that only three of the four networks met the bar of 90 percent outdoor population coverage.
26 OctBBC Worldwide/Terra (Spanish)¿Estamos frente a un colapso de las telecomunicaciones?

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