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Not long ago a report entitled The business opportunities for wireless in transport was published. It suggested that almost endless possibilities exist for wireless in the transport sector, from providing passengers with connectivity through to improved operational communications and even reducing cabling on planes and trains. It added, however, “Transport is a challenging sector.”

Both assessments are true. Wireless has a lot more to offer the public and private transport sectors than just better passenger connectivity in airports and internet on trains, although both are highly desirable. A modestly sized list of use cases would include traffic and route information for drivers, situational awareness data for autonomous vehicles, predictive maintenance and asset management, enhanced safety, simpler, quicker ticketing, and rail networks that don’t require physical signaling infrastructure.

Add the enormous potential of accurate, real-time passenger data and the result is safer travel, lower running costs, reduced maintenance, reduced environmental damage, improved revenues – and operational efficiencies across all aspects of a transport operation, whether passenger or cargo-based.

But the needs, constraints and regulatory environments of transport systems differ, not just between road, sea, rail and air sectors, but also within those industries. Wireless can improve operational efficiency at all levels of a transport operation. But what technology is needed? What are the likely financial returns on investment and who should pay?

Our experts have worked with some of the biggest names in the transportation sectors. We know the immense potential of wireless in this sector. We also know that change won’t happen overnight.

Real Wireless can use its in-depth commercial, technical and operational expertise to show how that potential can be made a reality – to demonstrate ways in which wireless can deliver a clear return on investment for any transport operation.

As the report The business opportunities for wireless in transport points out, “Wireless can deliver a clear return on investment for the four main transport sectors, building on the provision of wireless for passenger use to assess how wireless can benefit the wider business.” We would, of course, agree with that. After all, we wrote it.

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