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Real Wireless Strategic Wireless Business Consultant John Okas looks at the barriers and innovations associated with delivering wireless connectivity to travellers. Should transport be a key use case in the context of 5G? And what about the business model? Real Wireless has done outstanding work for the transport sector – find out more about our offer.


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Transport connectivity: finding the way ahead

Transport is entering a period as transformative and exciting as any it has experienced in the last century. Broadband on trains, wireless-ready motorways, communicating – and eventually self-driving – cars will all be a reality in the coming years. What matters now, however, is making it happen. Real Wireless is, uniquely among wireless consultancies, able both to advise on finding the way ahead and managing these new transport models when they finally arrive.

A vast new wireless-based ecosystem is coming. How will it happen?

Transport connectivity is not a simple problem. Take trains. Even a cursory examination of the issues highlights some major technical challenges. Faster-moving, ever-longer trains, carrying a high number of passengers and made of material that isn’t ideal for wireless communications, often move through under-populated, under-connected areas and signal-blocking tunnels. How can people and machines communicate with them – or on them?

Or consider cars. How can they be designed to offer connectivity? How can multiple operators and multiple connections be offered? What happens to coverage and capacity when both road traffic and wireless traffic are at their busiest? How can latency be minimised for emergency communications? How will cars use wireless to drive and navigate on their own?

At the same time, however, such highly advanced transport connectivity will happen. These issues have to be solved because wireless will massively improve transport efficiency. In fact it already does. Warehouse automation and fleet management back office systems are already connected to delivery vehicles, saving time and improving efficiency. Transport hubs are already using wireless to improve passenger throughput and satisfaction. Underground rail systems are installing wireless to improve safety and efficiency as passenger numbers grow.

We also know that wireless-ready cars and trains will ease transport problems, improve efficiency, cut costs and save lives. Now, however, we need to solve all the technical problems, find out who pays for what, ensure that vehicle design times sync with wireless availability and manage a vast new ecosystem.

It won’t be easy. But what matters is understanding the challenges and having both the ability and the all-round awareness of all the issues – technical, economic, deployment and marketing – to solve them. We have that understanding, awareness and ability.

What Real Wireless brings to transport connectivity is an understanding of all parts of the ecosystem – the mobile operator, the city and road operator, the vehicle OEM, the government and regulators, to name just a few. We have carried out transport-related wireless-focused projects for rail and road and have the world-class modelling expertise that will be absolutely essential when it comes to optimising coverage and minimising costs.

In the new, complex wireless environments of road and rail we are uniquely placed to help all parties – from regulators to users and from wireless operators to transport operators – to find the way ahead.

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Our experts have no affiliation to any vendor, we’re technology agnostic and utterly committed to matching the right solution with your needs. We have deep understanding of connectivity technologies, architectures and deployment solutions, and are equally comfortable helping our clients to develop the business models that help maximise investments.

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