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Real Wireless CEO Mark Keenan explains how venue owners can get the greatest benefit from wireless technology. How can better connectivity bring benefits to the visitor experience – either directly to visitors or through improvements in the operational delivery or through services the venue offers its visitors?


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Wireless for venues: everything, everywhere for everyone

Visitors to stadiums, concerts or arenas don’t put their phones away when they pass through the gates. Emergency services and support staff don’t stand down. Radio and TV broadcasts from a match or show aren’t put on hold. Demand for wireless communications is, in fact, likely to be greater, in a more concentrated area, than anywhere for miles around. Will you be able to support that demand? And can you afford to?

Optimising coverage, capacity and investments

Our proprietary modelling tools will ensure you maximise coverage, capacity & investments.

Throughout a concert, football match or rally, visitors will want to send or receive data, access online navigation systems for the venue, use social media and, of course, make voice calls, with no compromise on speed or convenience.

Meanwhile safety stewards, repair staff and road crew will want to use phones, tablets or two-way radios to ensure the smooth running of both the venue and the event. Emergency services will want to communicate with each other to guarantee safety. Radio and TV broadcasters might want to cover the event. And when it’s all over, wireless demand will plummet.

How do you ensure that wireless delivers at times of greatest demand – but that doing so doesn’t break the bank? Ask Real Wireless. We can advise you on what types of wireless communications – Wi-Fi, cellular, PMR, satellite and more – your venue needs, how to supply them and how you can make your investment cost-effective.

Our job – in short – is to think of everything wireless, everywhere in a venue, for everyone. Wireless technologies, for operational, emergency and visitor use. Radio and wireless broadcast systems. Satellite capabilities. Licence-exempt systems for Wi-Fi and operational/event specific purposes. Even wireless-based goal line technology. We assess them, cost them and advise on installation, use and management.

So how can we prove to you that you’re investment has paid off? Simple: no one notices. When everyone – from customers on Instagram to staff on two-way radio and from satellite broadcasters to touch judges – is doing what they expect to be able to do, with no interruptions, you’ll know you’re getting the very best from wireless. And from Real Wireless.

Our credentials – meet the experts

Our experts have no affiliation to any vendor, we’re technology agnostic and utterly committed to matching the right solution with your needs. We have deep understanding of connectivity technologies, architectures and deployment solutions, and are equally comfortable helping our clients to develop the business models that help maximise investments.

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