White Spaces – new report

White space devices: Global market and technology, risks and opportunities

Shining a light on the dark corners of white spaces 
 A new report from Real Wireless and Rethink Technology Research


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This report:

  • combines the expertise and analysis of Rethink Technology and Real Wireless to provide a unique and independent insight into some of the key technical, commercial and market aspects relating to the current and future use of white space devices
  • gives sufficient detail to enable investors, technologists, product vendors and regulators to determine whether white space devices:
    • Provide a credible and sustainable investment opportunity with sufficient near and mid-term growth opportunity
    • Are supported by commercial momentum and confidence in the ecosystem
    • Are supported by a regulatory framework that is based on thorough and detailed technical and economic analysis
    • Can establish a sustainable product roadmap and plans for vendor relationships and interoperability
  • shines a light on the aspects of WSDs that have generally been ‘hidden’ by the industry and this report exposes the key issues that could cause:
    • Delays to deployments
    • Interference to TV viewers and other white space device (WSD ) users
    • A stunt in the growth of the ecosystem
    • Potential impact to the wider investment community
    • A poor match between applications and the nature of white space spectrum
    • Greater upside opportunities than have been recognised to date
  • is the first of its kind to combine detailed technical analysis with commercial and market data for white space device industry

White Space Device Revenue Forecast

White space bandwidth availability

White space bandwidth availability

Report highlights:

In-depth analysis of white space applications:

  • Survey of the key applications that WSDs can support
  • Analysis of the business and operator models
  • Reveals which applications will most likely be supported by vendors out to 2016

A current view of white space technology performance and the multiple standards being proposed:

  • Highly detailed qualitative analysis of the technology features and standards
  • Insightful technical analysis of the available bandwidth across UK locations as an illustration of how bandwidth varies for differing applications and regulatory approaches

International regulatory analysis:

  • Detailed analysis of current regulatory activity to support introduction of WSDs in the US and UK
  • Reveals the issues of a ‘hidden’ incumbent
  • Information that can support regulators in their plans to start implementing WSDs
  • Review of wider international regulatory activity from within Europe, Africa and beyond

Commercial evaluation:

  • Evaluation of the WSD ecosystem including supply chain, chip vendors and database providers
  • Review of the latest field trials including the Cambridge White Space trial
  • Analysis of the leading players, their products, achievements and likely plans for future development and product launches

5-year market forecast:

  • Surveyed more than 50 companies either involved in WSDs or considering becoming involved
  • Identification of key risks to mass market development
  • Timelines to launch of commercial products
  • Reveals which applications are highest priority for companies
  • Forecast number of connections by white space networks in 2016
  • Projected revenues from white space chipsets and components 2014 – 2017 for M2M and Broadband applications

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We are members of

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